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We take pride in organizing thoughtful and professional meetings and conferences. You might think we read your minds. The premium service gives you a hassle free experience so your business can go on easily.

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Meetings and conferences – nationally placed or global. We plan and organize the best for you. From finding the right cheese to unlimited supply of stationery, we make your hard day of work just a bit easier.

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Theme Meetings

Organize a conference that shows exactly what your company stands for. Or, have a little fun and give it a seasonal, creative theme. Whatever your choice may be – we will make it happen.

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24*7 Support

We are always a click, or a phone call away. Last minute changes – big or small, before or during the meeting, we will mould the day to your vision of perfection.

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Customization, you may say is the name of the game. We cater to you and your vision of a successful meeting.

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Best Prices Guaranteed

An excellent evening that fits in the budget is hard to come by – so rest assured that our staff will always be on the look-out for that perfect deal, so that you don’t have to.

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The Hilton Vegas


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Ornate ballrooms to trendy new-age lounges – we find the spaces for your meetings and conferences that best suit the culture of your company.

There are plenty of options – nationally placed or global. Get talking to our experts about your needs

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4 Days: R100,000.00/person

Experience the Blissful Serenity - Vietnam

Vietnam is like losing yourself in an artist's masterpiece. The country effortlessly composes traditional scenes in an imaginative style, merging any distinction between visual euphoria and perceptive experience. Intensely colorful landscapes are the setting for your own masterpiece, with cul

5 Days: R75,099.00/person

Experience the Stunning Settings in Bali

Reputed to be one of the most famous holiday islands in the world, Bali popularly known as “Island of Gods” has much more to offer than its sandy beaches and picturesque mountains. The place is deeply spiritual and holds a unique “Balinese” culture of its own. Book a holid

5 Days: R15,900.00/person

Experience the Mesmerizing Ooty | Bangalore- Mysore- Ooty

If you are looking forward for a week-long tour to recuperate from the hustle and bustle of the cities, then this tour package would be your best choice. A tour package which leads you through the varied beauties right from metro’s hustle to nature’s peace. Bangalore, the garden city,